The prepaid card for you. Simple.

dxb connect card

A prepaid card for global use.
Suitable for everyone, especially you. Simple.


  • You only spend what you load
  • You can use local currency
  • Your card can be used as a budgeting tool
  • No risk of debt
  • You won’t have credit card bills
  • Your discount vouchers are waiting for you on


  • We will not ask you for a credit check
  • If card is lost/stolen, you can secure your balance and we can transfer the balance to your new card (please refer to Terms and Conditions)
  • No more cash or coins for you to lose
  • You can use the card online
  • You can manage your balance online


  • You do not need a bank account
  • Bring your EID or Passport to one of our agents
  • Activated in minutes
  • You can use the card globally, online and at ATMs
  • A tool to educate your children to manage their funds at young age

Where to buy / reload

  • BUY
  • Dubai International Airport
    (Travelex kiosk)

    A380 T3 Airside Departures
    Concourse A – next to Costa Coffee

    Concourse B
    Near transfer desk G

    T1 Airside Arrivals
    Baggage claim area – opposite belt no. 7

    T1 Airside Departures
    Concourse C – near boarding gate C22

    T1 Departures
    Concourse C – near boarding gate C14

    T2 Landside Arrivals
    Near Al Ansari Exchange

    T2 Airside Departures
    After immigration

    T3 Landside Arrivals
    Atlantis kiosk